About Us

Our Mission

The teaching and active extension of the doctrines of Evangelical Christianity through approved grants to qualified organizations.

Our History

Henry Parsons Crowell (1855-1943) made a commitment as a young man to glorify God alone through the stewardship of his considerable resources. In 1927 that commitment was extended beyond his life with the establishment of the Henry Parsons Crowell and Susan Coleman Crowell Trust. His stated purpose for the trust was to fund the teaching and active extension of the doctrines of evangelical Christianity.

Ninety years later, Mr. Crowell’s values and vision continue to guide the work of the staff and trustees. His carefully worded directive leaves little ambiguity about the core evangelical faith and character required of the ministries receiving funds through the Trust. However, he was just as careful to provide the trustees with broad latitude in determining which ministries are focused on their mission and consistently effective as they teach and actively extend evangelical Christianity in their generation.

An excellent biography on Mr. Crowell entitled The Cereal Tycoon, by Joe Musser, is available for purchase.

Mr. Crowell

Crowell Trust Founder

Mrs. Crowell

Crowell Trust Co-Founder